Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kisah Dari Pendengar Filipina...

Salam para pengunjung blog MJ12,

Kisah berikut ini dikongsi bersama oleh pendengar MJ12 dari negara Filipina. Kisah beliau ini tidak kami sunting agar tidak tercemar keasliannya dan dapat anda bayangkan cara mereka bertutur sewaktu bercerita. Kisah ini terjadi di kawasan estet perumahan Fernvale, Sengkang...

MJ12 Admin...


Kumusta KC,

My name is Roberto from Philippines.

I would like to share with you my experiences staying in Singapore, Sengkang 407C. I know Malay a little bit that's why I tune in Ria 89.7FM at nite when I am in Singapore. I am now in Manila for short break before coming back to Singapore for work.

Just recently I had those scary experiences at my block and at home around 10pm. This happened two days in a row last week. First I heard from my friends saying our area receive many supernatural activities recently or shall I say few years ago before I stay in Singapore. Only last week on Monday at 9pm after I went back from clubbing, I saw a strange woman, an old lady crawling from one end of block to another end of block before coming to my block. I thought it was a mad woman cause our area is near by IMH. I wanted to call the police but suddenly it vanishes into thin air.

KC, when I was walking back home from my corridor I was so shocked till my groceries I was holding on to fell on the floor. You know what happened? I saw the same old woman crawling, this time was crawling down the stairs, not other stairs but my stairs next to my door!!! Imagine how was I to enter my home??? Suppose if crawling it should be slow but this was not the same, she was crawling very fast. I could see she was wearing very old white soggy long dress with blood all over the dress. Her face was looking downwards and the hair was so messy and long. I quickly called my neighbour Mr Osman for help, he is a good man, he knows what was it, he said "IT WAS MALAY VAMPIRE, next time don't come back late if you don't know this area well..." Now I don't come back home late, if I do, I will stay late night till morning at my friend's place.

Another experience I had was I heard a cat meowing outside my corridor. I am a pet lover, and I thought of giving it some food. But I saw no cat at all. I closed the door back to my movie marathon. Suddenly I heard a meowing sound again. This time I peeped, but no cat. Then I heard a sound of dog barking, not the usual kind of bark but it seemed very eerie. Then I heard a sound of woman calling, "Kee Siang... Kee Siang..." all the way till morning at 5am. I couldn't sleep cause I was so afraid, so I woke up like a zombie. So I made an annual leave the next working day for 2 weeks to Manila because I am so afraid to go back. Now I am asking my medium man to give me something to bring back to Singapore to avoid curse or evil.

Salamat, magandang gabi


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